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Ask Our Founders - Creating Stability

Ask Our Founders - Creating Stability

Hi Friends,

Danielle here with this month’s "Ask Our Founders".

At the beginning of 2020, I worked as a retail consultant traveling every week. Before Noon had just launched, and my mind was split between the job that paid the bills and the job that filled me up. I had recently let go of my apartment in San Francisco, CA and decided to live with my parents in Portland, OR as part of a meticulous plan that would allow me to finally leave corporate and transition into Before Noon full-time.

I had grand visions of what focusing fully on Before Noon would look like, the largest being a vision of stability. I would finally be in one city for more than one week. I would build a community I could regularly hang out with in-person. And, I would create my own routine so that I could feel refreshed, energized, and inspired to tackle each day. 

Then two distinct things happened: Covid-19 hit and I met my partner. In the blink of an eye, all my detailed plans flew out the window. Because we had the unique opportunity to work from wherever, we decided to first quarantine in Tucson, AZ. Tucson turned into Portland, OR, then Whitefish, MT, and now Austin, TX. I felt, more than knew, the time was right and switched into Before Noon full-time in June. I tentatively learned to trust that the universe will guide me towards the goals I set rather than obsessively plan the path to get there.  

The one thing I continued to struggle with, however, was stability. As place faded into place, I decided stability would again be a distant desire labeled "one day."

This struggle came to a head in October when I felt deeply disconnected from myself and decided to seek help from an Intuitive Energy Healer. She guided me to realize that stability is more than staying in one place. It can also come from creating a daily routine that I can take with me no matter where I am. But, to create that routine, I need to connect with my wants and needs and clearly vocalize my boundaries.

While it's not perfect, for the last month, I have been working to create a daily routine, and let me tell you - it is HARD. Some days, the routine flies out the window on the back of a flurry of emails. Some days, I give myself a pump-up speech as I prepare to stand firm on my wants and need with my partner. Some days, all I can do is laugh and forgive myself and decide to pick-up again the next day.

The Tools I Use to Create My Daily Routine:

  • Journaling: A friend recommended this Knowledge Project episode with Neil Pasricha on Happy Habits. In it, Neil recommends three journal prompts that he starts each day with and that I’ve adopted into my morning routine as I drink coffee:
    • Today I let go of… (one thing from yesterday you want to release)
    • Today I am grateful for … (one thing you are grateful for today)
    • Today I will focus on … (one thing you would like to achieve today)
  • Reading: I end each day with 30 minutes of reading and have started to build in one hour of “Inspiration Reading” each Wednesday to catch up on industry insights and dream crazy for Before Noon. Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love has been foundational as I seek to create a life based in love. My favorite retail newsletter comes from Forerunner Ventures.
  • TMAY: I took Holley Murchison’s “Tell Me About Yourself” Storytelling class in September and it has transformed the way I think about telling my story. I set aside 1-2 hours per week to work through the six steps taught in her class and in her book.
    • Working Out: I recently purchased TRX straps and have been enjoying weekly workouts with my favorite TRX instructor, Miguel Vargas, from wherever I am.
    • Vintage Shopping: My guilty pleasure is shopping and I’ve recently gotten into one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Luca Ryann does a weekly Sunday afternoon IGTV sharing all of her vintage pieces at a great price.
    • Hair Care: A Covid-19 pick-me-up has been creating a haircare routine with Prose. They provide you with personalized products and a recommended weekly routine for washing your hair, which you can strengthen with a 1-on-1 consultation.

      • Meditation: Creating a daily meditation routine has been huge for me the last few months. I signed up for an 8-week meditation course, which dived into topics such as self-compassion and self-forgiveness. I also discovered Insight Timer and my love for Sarah Blondin meditations.
      • Digging Deep: When I feel lost, I turn to alternative healing (naturally). As I mentioned, the Intuitive Energy Healer, Barbara Green was transformational for me in crystalizing my innermost thoughts, feelings, and how my energy is currently focused.
      • Painting: I have started to build watercolor painting into my self-care routine as a release, unlock for creativity, and to just have fun with color.

      Thank you for creating a safe space to share my reflections and listening with an open mind. If comfortable and so called, I would love to hear what you are doing to find stability in such an uncertain time, especially as we approach holidays!

      Sending love and light,


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