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Our Story

Our Story

We believe that everyone is worthy of being their best selves.

All you need is your curiosity and an open mind

Our Story

Why Before Noon?

Each day reaches its apex around lunchtime, otherwise known as “high noon.” Afterwards, the day becomes a frenzied race to the finish line.

We’ve created Before Noon not to add another step in your morning to-do list, but to find a moment of calm in your week or your day - a space just for you.

We provide the tools to cleanse, ground and unburden your mind so that you can discover your unlimited potential, navigate the shit life throws at you, and just make yourself feel better.

Our Story

The Founders

We are women who found connection and comfort through vulnerably sharing our life stories around transition, career change and heartbreak with one another.

We recognized we weren't alone and made it our responsibility to share how we were navigating our emotions and thoughts through these times. So a year and a half later, Before Noon was created to share the tools and benefits of alternative healing so that you can 'Reward yourself with better feels.'