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Ask Our Founders - Discovering Identity

Ask Our Founders - Discovering Identity

Hi Friends,

Natasha here with this month’s Ask Our Founders.

Some of you may know me from when I co-owned a store called Seldom Seen in Hayes Valley in SF. And for those who don’t, here’s a bit of context. My business partner and I closed our store last October, prior to COVID. And though we were grateful for the timing of our close, that didn’t allow me to escape the grieving process. It instead led me to this month’s theme, discovery.

Looking back, I had become one with my business causing the sudden detachment to feel abrupt and foreign. I was experiencing a loss and feeling unclear about who I was without my business. My business’s survival, the community, and the busy lifestyle it provided me gave me purpose. I had become codependent on my business in that my identity and worth was wrapped in it needing me. 

With the guidance and support of alternative healing and determination to create my new dream, I discovered that I am not what I do, what I say, or even what I think. 

This Month's Theme: Discovering Identity.

We often become attached to our thoughts and use rationalization to make that thought truth and therefore our experience. But when we really examine our experiences, we start to see that these things actually come and go; they are temporary. And when we look at what we are doing in life, those roles are also shifting over time, which then reveals the truth that we are not defined by our jobs, or the role of a parent, or a child, or a husband/wife, or a boyfriend/girlfriend. And lastly, because what we say is an extension of what we are thinking, speech also does not define us. 

Considering all of these transient changing things, who am I? I believe that I am Being - a human with a spirit that embodies curiosity, openness, and contentment. I am a spirit free of everything I am doing and witnessing in life. I am being present. 

To be ever present throughout my life, I need tools to continue on the path of discovery.

My Practices to Discovering Identity:

  • Enneagram Personality TestI love learning, especially when it’s about why I behave, react, and engage the way I do. It gave me insight on how I interpret the world and manage my emotions. Take a free test here.
  • Reading: Radical Compassion by Tara Brach. I utilize her powerful practice of RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) to untangle emotions and reconnect me to my spirit.
  • FaceTime a Friend: When I’m unclear, I turn to my chosen family, who in my darkest hour, they remind me of my light. I ask the following questions, “What do you most appreciate about me?”, “When am I most inspired?”, “What do you wish I would appreciate more about myself?” 
    • Working Out: Building consistent strength reminds me of my power. For me, I turn to TRX and Boxing. Nothing beats using my own body weight and punching something really hard. I recommend Miguel or Zack’s classes. 
    • Cold Showers: I add 5-10 drops of our Eucalyptus Essential Oil and take cold showers daily to partner with my nervous system to reduce stress and to practice deep breathing to focus and concentrate.
    • Hormone Reset: I read the book, “WomanCode” and began the journey of syncing my lifestyle with my cycle. I started healing from within by enlisting my endocrine system to guide my daily choices from food and exercise to how I organize my projects and priorities.

      • Soundbath Therapy: Avi of SoundRx guided my recovery from codependency and gave me permission to no longer be the resentful giver. Sound therapy ‘upgrades’ or ‘atunes’ my ability to use my voice, own my creativity, and notice my art of conscious leadership. He offers virtual, donation-based soundbaths.
      • Vision Board: To find clarity, I created a visual of how I wanted to feel in my career, health, and personal life. By starting with my emotions, I lead with my heart instead of my mind and create goals that are unexpected, yet powerful.
      • Tarot Cards: At the beginning of a year and in June for my birthday (aka halfway through the year), I pull cards and ask my angels to share what I need to see, be aware of, or focus on. The intention is to create dedicated time and space for reflection.

      Thank you for listening, reading, and staying curious. If you are feeling the pull to connect, I'd love to hear from you.

      In gratitude,

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