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Strengthen mental wellness with tailored mental fitness plans for your employees. Grounded in the evidence based PERMA model, we uniquely blend both Eastern and Western practices to teach employees how to prevent burnout and build mental strength.

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Mental fitness plans
for the workplace.

It's a new era of work and
burnout is on the rise

Strengthen mental wellness with
tailored plans for your employees.

Mental health and
well-being is a spectrum.

The absence of illness isn't mental well-being. On any given day, your employees may be feeling in crisis or like they're thriving, or anywhere in-between. How many employees are in-between or on the lower end of in-between?

The answer may surprise you.


Choose a dedicated practitioner

Our practitioners are CMT-P certified and have completed a minimum of 200-hours of mindfulness classes, programs, or individual sessions. They weave in Western and Eastern philosophy to provide you with holistic lifestyle practices that make a positive difference at and outside of work.

Receive on-demand support

Start with a 1:1 video call with your practitioner. Your practitioner tracks your progress and checks in regularly to keep you consistent, celebrate your wins, and supports you along the way.

Start with a tailored mental fitness plan

Each week, your practitioner builds a new mental fitness plan to fit your schedule, goals, and travel. They design guided exercises and incorporate activities you already love or are curious to try.


We partner with you to develop a custom communications plan to educate your employees on the importance of mental fitness and treating the whole person. Choose from offsites and retreats, lunch and learns, team challenges, and keynote events with our practitioners to encourage engagement and buy-in from both your employees and leadership.

For a wholly-well organization, leadership needs to feel well, supported, and inspired. We offer focused leadership support so the leaders in your organization can understand their own mental fitness and serve as role models for their employees.

We help create new ways of working for teams and organizations, going far deeper than policies and procedures—employers and employees will be empowered to take time for their mental fitness, knowing productivity only benefits.

We deliver a highly structured program that provides insight, education, and skill development to help employees understand the “why” behind how they're feeling—so they know how to manage it today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Our practitioners are CMT-P certified, accredited by the International Mindful Teachers Association. They've completed a minimum of 200-hours of professional programming. They weave in Western and Eastern philosophy to provide holistic lifestyle practices for your employees.

Actual human practitioners are there for your employees as much, or as little, as they want. They empower your employees to take charge of their own mental well-being through teaching tailored exercises and regularly checking in on progress.