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Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that everyone is worthy of being their best self.

For those struggling to navigate life's sh*t, Before Noon is a wellness brand that connects you to the tools and healers that challenge you to invest in the most important person: you.

Our Mission

Why Before Noon?

Each day reaches its apex around lunchtime, otherwise known as “high noon.” Afterwards, the day becomes a frenzied race to the finish line.

We created Before Noon not to add another step to your morning to-do list, but to find a moment of calm in your week or your day - a space just for you.

We curate beautiful, trusted self-care tools to make discovery easy. We also introduce expert healers to demystify alternative healing.

Our Mission

The Founders

Our founders, Ann Tham, Natasha Wong Davis, and Danielle Lumetta, found each other in between life's ups and downs. After sharing their stories of discontent, heartbreak, and anxiety, they realized that their individual challenges were not unique and started to rely on each other for guidance, connection, and support.

They found power in alternative healing and felt a responsibility to share. They deeply believe that everyone is worthy of being their best self and hope Before Noon can serve as a community and bridge to living the life you deserve.