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Ask Our Founders - The Season of Change

Ask Our Founders - The Season of Change

Hi Everyone,

It’s Ann coming at you this month.

As we flip the page on another month and another season, we thought that September was a good month to step back and reflect on transitions.  

For many, September signifies the transition into a new phase or the start of a new school year. In France, there's even a greeting acknowledging this transition, “Bonne rentrée à vous!” literally translated as "Good return to you!" Although it's typically used to wish students well, adults use it, too, to recognize the end of the summer holidays and a transition back to everyday life.

Help me kick off September by joining me this Saturday, September 12th at 10am PST for a Panel Series hosted by Slow Sustain Magazine. Before Noon is featured in the 2nd issue of Slow Sustain Magazine and I will be participating as a panel member talking about Entrepreneurship.

With that, Bonne rentrée à vous!

This Month's Theme: Transitions.

My father used to say, “Every two years, you change a little bit. Every four years, you change a lot.”

This saying has stayed with me and as we head into fall, a time of year oftentimes associated with transitions, this quote has prompted me to ask myself, “Where am I in this cycle?” Thus sparked the idea for this month’s "Transitions" theme. 

Exactly four years ago during mid-2016, I was out of a job and I left New York without a clue as to what my next step was. What was supposed to be a few months back home in SF, turned into months-long side detours to Europe and Asia, then back and forth between SF and NY… before ultimately deciding to stay put with my family in SF. 

I started rebuilding my life and identity in SF - for me, that looked like landing a job in my industry, finding supportive friendships and connections, and exploring my entrepreneurial curiosity with Before Noon. With time and mindfulness, my relationships, career and personal life blossomed. So where am I in this cycle? I can truly say, my dad was right - it's been four years and I've just completed one major cycle of change. I clearly see that every big and small change has led me to where I am today.  

Now What?

Today, I sit at the crux of a new set of changes that will kick off a new cycle of transitions. At the forefront of these changes is the exciting expansion of all things Before Noon that fulfills a passion for dreaming and creating. Second, the start of a promising professional journey has kept me busy and eager to learn. And lastly, the continued blossoming of relationships across various parts of my life that keep me happy and grounded.

For me, all the changes, both big and small, have added up to big shifts in life. As I reflect on the changes, it also reminds me of the different tactics I’ve used to manage through my transitions.

How I Navigate Through Transitions:

  • Making Time: As I transitioned between jobs, I pushed very hard to take two solid weeks off, despite not having anywhere to go. Why? It was a time for reset, reflection and renewing myself. I was lucky enough to choose a time when Before Noon held a #betterfeels session, which allowed me to tap into a few healers and clear my mind.
  • Journaling: Nothing like a good journal session to clarify thoughts, release emotion and get out the gunk in my mind.
  • Reading: One of the best ways for me to manage transitions is to read up on a topic that I want to get better in. As I moved back to SF, Tash had recommended an author named Allison Armstrong whose series of relationship books (In sync with the Opposite Sex, Keys to the Kingdom and Queen’s Code) helped get me refocused and clear on what I wanted and needed out of relationships.
    • Acupuncture: I truly believe in the power of Chinese medicine and Eastern healing powers. Acupuncture and herbal supplements have become fundamental tools in my self-care practice to weather change. 
    • Hikes: Since COVID started, I’ve begun to develop an appreciation for hikes as a means to enjoy nature and clear my head. For those of you in the Bay Area, check out the Stream Trail in Oakland for a fun and beautiful hike!
    • Beauty Rituals: As I enter the new cycle of change, I like beginning a new phase with a refreshed look. Despite COVID restrictions, I found out that my stylist was offering outdoor haircuts. Go to Ching for the best refresh and layers!
      • Energy Healing: In a nod to new transition cycles, I wanted to reset my energy in preparation for upcoming changes. A session with our friend Claudia Chirico, an energy healer, provided all the healing and cleansing to face the new chapter.
      • Smudging: Smudging is the ancient Native American practice of purifying and cleansing a space. One of Before Noon’s favorite rituals is to purify our energetic space to make way for whatever new change is supposed to come in.  In another nod to preparing for a new chapter, I took a moment to sage the entire house particularly since I am spending so much more time in this space due to quarantine rules.
      • Day Dream: I love indulging in a little day dream when life is calm. I often use a long drive or an evening stroll to let my mind wander, whether it be about a new home, new adventure or new idea. 

      Wishing you a happy month of transition!


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