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Your wellness consultation result: Spirit

Your wellness consultation result: Spirit


When in balance, you have a deep and personal connection to your inner self. You know your life’s purpose, align to your values, and cultivate intimate relationships that are built on a foundation of wholeness and love. 

When out of balance, you may seemingly experience constant drama in our life or your home life feels chaotic and unsettled. You have a loss of imagination and creativity, you are unable to commit or follow through with goals, and are needing intuitive guidance and purpose. 

To maintain balance, spend time in stillness with deep breathing and meditation under natural light, sun or moon, and with the element of fire, candle or incense. Dance, sing, draw, paint, surround yourself with loved ones, and get involved with volunteer work. Do anything that opens your heart to joy.


To grow spiritually, here are recommended Healing Sessions:

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Because the mind, body, spirit are powerful allies, here are recommendations for Mind and Body.