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Holiday Smudge Stick
Holiday Smudge Stick
Holiday Smudge Stick
Holiday Smudge Stick
Holiday Smudge Stick
Holiday Smudge Stick

Holiday Smudge Stick


Just in time for gift-giving season, our Holiday Smudge Sticks are a fresh and beautiful take on the classic white sage smudge sticks. 

Choose from three varieties: 

  • Autumn Wellness - cedar with cinnamon and lavender wrapped in black string
  • Cedar and Rose - cedar with rose petals, wrapped in black string
  • White and Purple sage - white and purple sage wrapped in gold tinted string

Each Holiday Smudge Stick is grown and hand-wrapped in Northern California. 

The practice of using Smudge Sticks or "Smudging" originates from Native American culture. When Smudging, we honor the Earth, the plants, and the Native American sacred ceremonies from which it stems.

  • To cleanse and purify negative energy
  • Due to the size of smoke generated, ideal for use in large or open spaces
  • Ideal for cleansing rooms, office space and homes

Light the Smudge Stick for 10-15 seconds. When smoke appears, circulate the Smudge Stick around the space you'd like to cleanse in a figure eight manner. As the Smudge Stick burns, make sure to hold over a dish to catch the ash. Upon completion, set the Smudge Stick in a holder and let it burn out or dip it in water. Consider returning the ash back to the earth.


All Holiday Smudge Sticks are approximately 4" x 1.25" x 1.25" and are packaged in our black rice paper bags.

Autumn Wellness
Cedar and Rose
White and Purple Sage