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From an early age Erica has been innately interested in exploring spiritual domains in life through dance, art, music, and athleticism. She earned an Industrial design degress from the Ohio State University and has graphically laid out both of her self published books; Art of Attention and Angelus. Studying and teaching yoga and dance for over 10 years has been an ever-evolving way to express her truth, creativity and emotions. In her class, design is vital for transforming instructional concepts into artful and meaningful class experiences


Erica's Session

Conscious Dance

Movement | Empowering | Creative

This dynamic dance meditation Session reconnects you with your true essence. Your movements tell a compelling story. With dance you become conscious of your body's language and discover the everyday moves that hold you back and set you free. With dance, you become conscious of your body's language and discover rhythms and roles you are destined to express.

Astrological Sign

☉ Leo | ☾ Libra | ⇡ Virgo

Breakthrough Moment

Realization that lying was causing the continuation of my addiction

Guilty Pleasure

Stand-Up Comedy

Current Inspiration

Bento Box Recipes and Online Day Retreats


200 HR YTT with Yoga Tree SF

KRI Level 1

Reiki Level I, II

Toastmasters 11 paths

Erica's Top Hits