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Abigail Eir


Abigail is an intuitive reader based out of Denver, CO. In her mid-twenties, Abigail entered her spiritual awakening by undergoing a series of personal deaths and rebirths. By accepting and releasing old wounds and patters, she opened up space to allow her intuition to blossom and step into integrity. It was during this intense time that Abigail began to see the true power behind tarot. This tool is a mirror to your inner-world, helping you find words for your experiences. Abigail now specializes in helping others undergo similar transformations. Her approach blends tarot, astrology, and guide work, creating a uniquie and tailored session each week.


Abigail's Session

Tarot Meditation

Intuition | Transformative | Grounding

This session guides you to find answers through connecting to your intuition. You receive a group reading using Tarot as the tool of inner wisdom and guidance. Afterwards, you journal to uncover your own unique insights, realizations, and breakthroughs. This practice encourages you to quiet the mind, open the heart, and connect to your own unique internal GPS system - your intuition.

Astrological Sign

☉ Capricorn | ☾ Capricorn | ⇡ Gemini

Breakthrough Moment


Guilty Pleasure

All things #booktok

Current Inspiration

Teas and herbs


18 years of Astrology and Tarot studies

Intuitive mentorship with Danni Huggs

Tarot for the Wild Soul course with Lindsay Mack

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