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Happy International Women's Day & Women's History Month!

Happy International Women's Day & Women's History Month!

As a BIPOC, female-founded business, we delight in celebrating female visionaries, catalysts, and changemakers. In our latest blog post, see below for an incredible line-up of BIPOC women healers and teachers who challenge us to open inwards, confront the discomfort of healing, and step into our role within the collective to #choosetochallenge the inequalities and biases we see today. 

Happy International Women's Day and Women's History Month!



Dr. Mariel Buquè | @dr.marielbuque 

“Our humanity comes in layers. Which is why healing must be multidimensional.”

Dr. Mariel Buquè is an Afro-Latina licensed psychologist, holistic mental health expert, and sound bath meditation healer. Dr. Buquè teaches us how to heal from our intergenerational trauma and work through the suppressed emotions we've been harboring. A mental health mantra she uses is, "May your internal evolution shine as bright as your external revolution". Dr. Buquè inspires us to break the wheel of intergenerational trauma carried by our family. Our trauma does not have to define us. 


Josefina H. Sanders | @loveoffering 

“The joy that is ahead will be a testimony of what you left behind.”

Josefina Sanders is an artist, writer, advocate, and founder of Love Offering. Through her art and words, Josefina communicates love and encouragement, raises awareness for injustice, and provides a voice for those who are still finding theirs. Josefina’s raw honesty communicated through her meaningful art and powerful words inspires us. Her Instagram is a place we visit when we need a gentle reminder to be kind to ourselves; we are all healing.


Christine Gutiérrez | @cosmicchristine

“Sisterhood is soul medicine. When we gather and share in safe spaces we heal deep. We remember we are not alone.”

Christine Gutierrez is a Latina licensed psychotherapist, life coach, founder of Diosahood, and author. Christine’s work centers on soul healing; she offers coaching, courses, and retreats designed to help guide you on the path to healing. In Spanish, Diosa means Goddess. Christine created the Diosahood community to fill the gap she was seeing in the healing community for a safe space for women to join in sisterhood and grow in spirituality. Christine inspires us to honor our inner Diosa and remember the importance of sisterhood.  



Katherine Haysbert | @katherine_haysbert_ 

“Nourishing your body is a form of self-love.”

Katherine Haysbert is a certified nutrition consultant, certified natural chef, and integrative energy healer. Katherine dispels common misconceptions around food (FYI cravings don’t mean a lack of willpower) and shares easy-to-implement self-care practices to get you feeling good inside and out. Katherine inspires us to start looking at food as a method of self-care and shows us that to be “healthy” does not stem from physical appearance, rather it stems from within. 

Lauren Ash | @hellolaurenash  

“I believe in our power to confront the conditioning of our minds from systems of oppression and remove what doesn’t serve our highest good.”

Lauren Ash is a visionary, spiritual teacher, engaging speaker and writer, and founder and CEO of the lifestyle brand synonymous with black women’s wellbeing—Black Girl In Om. A trailblazer in the wellness community, she creates a space for women of color to rest, heal, and grow. Lauren’s purpose: to expand the consciousness of black women and women of color. Lauren inspires us to ground ourselves in our values and to continue creating safe spaces for all voices to feel heard.

Dr. Sara Chong | @drsarachong 

“When I began to really embrace my Korean heritage, I was able to connect with my identity on a new level while also discovering the health benefits of certain foods from my culture.”

Dr. Sara Chong is a functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, Korean whole foods nutritionist, and lifestyle coach who believes healing begins in the gut. She combines her medical background, Korean whole foods nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching in an integrative approach to healing gut disorders. Having suffered from a gut disorder from a young age, Dr. Chong empowers people to take the first steps to prioritizing their health, she even offers a free gut check-in. What inspires us about Dr. Chong is her ability to take her own journey of healing and use it to help others so they don't have to live with the same suffering



Liz Coucean | @lizcwellness 

“When we move beyond the mind and into our breath and our bodies, stored energy can be transmuted.”

Liz Coucean is a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and meditation guide. Liz’s purpose is to share these ancient practices with others and serve as a guide for those on a journey toward deepening self-awareness. A testimonial from one of her yoga students describes Liz as “a skilled, perceptive and empathetic teacher”. Liz inspires us to lean into our subconscious and explore the benefits of mindfulness.

Charlotte Nguyen | @lotusinaseaoffire 

“If I am to be trapped within the limits of your imagination, YOU have to remain there as the guard, I’m free.”

Charlotte Nguyen is a meditation expert, transformational coach, writer, and international speaker. She is also the founder of Get Free, an inclusive coaching practice, consultancy, and community that offers meditation workshops, retreats, tea ceremonies, spiritual advising and wellness consulting for individuals and organizations dedicated to social impact. Charlotte’s commitment to authenticity and leading with an open heart inspires us to be brave and continue to love and protect one another.

Pea the Feary | @peathefeary 

“The possibilities of what the universe can provide are endless and all within reach because we are already connected to everything.”

Pea the Feary, is an Afrofuturist, Seer, artist, Human Design reader, and the host of the Cheat Codes with Pea podcast. For those seeking to step into their power and learn what your soul came to this earth to do, look no further. During a Human Design reading, Pea will read your chart and use her gifts to help uncover your life theme, the role you were designed to play with others, Aura Type, Strategy and Authority. We love that Pea is refreshingly honest and transparent about her work. She does not live to serve others, rather she lives to be a vessel of love.

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