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Winter Smudge Stick
Winter Smudge Stick
Winter Smudge Stick

Winter Smudge Stick


Our limited-edition Winter Smudge Stick is composed of Cedar leaves that exude a fresh, pine-cone, and earthy scent.  Our Winter Smudge Stick is an excellent way of bringing the freshness of the outdoors into your space.

Cedar trees have been revered for thousands of years for their spiritual significance. Cedar wood is used in many cleansing rituals and ceremonies as well as in the construction of temples and places of worship. Cedar properties include protection, strength, and purification. 

  • To cleanse, purify, and protect your energy
  • To remove negative energy from your space
  • Due to the size of smoke generated, ideal for use in large or open spaces
  • Ideal for cleansing rooms, office space, and homes, especially when first moving in

Light the Smudge Stick for 10-15 seconds, when smoke appears, circulate over space in a figure eight manner.  Upon completion, set the Smudge Stick in a holder and let it burn out or dip it in water.  Consider returning the ash back into the earth as a show of gratitude for Mother Earth.  


Large is approximately 5" x 1.75" x 1.75"

Large Smudge Sticks are packaged in our black rice paper bags.