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Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz


Tumbled X-Small
Tumbled Small

The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens and purifies the heart. It teaches both self-love and love of others.

South Africa | Love | Heart Chakra

  • Style on top of your favorite notebooks or books and next to dried flowers on your bedside table
  • Hold in your hand to enhance positive affirmations and soothe heartbreak or loss
  • Harness the energy of Rose Quartz by immersing it in a bowl of water and adding your favorite essential oil (we highly recommend Ylang-Ylang, Lavender or Grapefruit), transfer water into a spray bottle for use on the face or body
Features & Specs

Rose Quartz is pink in color. Each piece is a natural and unique stone varying slightly in size, color, pattern, shape and weight. Each Rose Quartz is hand-selected and sustainably sourced from miners who align with our core values. We mindfully create a relationship with each miner and trust that the crystal we hand-picked has also picked us. 

All crystals come with a descriptive crystal card. X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large Rose Quartz are wrapped in a muslin travel bag. X-Large and XX-Large Rose quartz are wrapped in a muslin travel bag and a reusable box. 

Tumbled X-Small is approximately 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/4"

Tumbled Small is approximately 1.5" x 1.5" x 1"

Small is approximately 1.5" x 1" x .5"

Medium is approximately 2" x 2" x 1.25"

Large is approximately 3" x 2" x 2"

X-Large is approximately 4" x 2.5" x 2"

XX-Large is approximately 5" x 3" x 2.5"