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Wellness Consultation Result: Mind

Wellness Consultation Result: Mind


When in balance, your mindset is positive and clear. You feel strong in acknowledging your feelings; pleasant or unpleasant, reframing your thoughts, and managing your emotions in a holistic way. You are high-spirited, determined, and unstoppable in your resolve to accomplish your dreams. 

When out of balance, you may disconnect from your emotions. As a result, you feel ungrounded, insecure, anxious or stuck. Bombarded by thoughts, you feel like your voice is disempowered and are unable to speak up for yourself or set boundaries. Overall, your emotions may feel turbulent and unclear, and therefore difficult to navigate.

To maintain balance, get in touch with your feelings through journaling or reading. Get out in nature, take a nap, sing the chorus of your favorite song, and keep a journal. Do anything to get yourself out of your head, re-connected to self, and clear.


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