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Wellness Consultation Result: Body

Wellness Consultation Result: Body


When in balance, you honor your body’s unique design and listen to your body with gentle awareness. You nurture yourself by actively relaxing, fueling your body with nutritious food and practicing mindful eating, and incorporating physical movement into your day-to-day.

When out of balance, it shows up first in your body. You may feel fatigued and ill or pain and stiffness in your body. You may also develop digestive issues and abdominal pain, sexual and reproductive issues, or headaches and stress-related skin conditions.

To maintain balance, listen to and honor the messages your body sends you. Practice gentle and kind movement and stretches like heart-openers, neck rolls, and detoxifying twists, maintain consistent sleep, eat nutritious fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest and drink herbal teas, and connect with water - drink, swim, or take a bath.


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