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Our Sessions are more than
listening to a recording.

Journey to release stress to the rhythm of a specially curated playlist. Led by vetted, trusted Guides. Experience breakthroughs and connect back to self.


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Give yourself permission to be present for the next 45 minutes. Our Sessions begin with a community welcome, move into light breathwork, journey through a blend of traditional modalities and mindfulness techniques, taper into a moment of reflection, and end with an affirmation.

The Slow Down | Restorative Yoga

Move - Nourish - Feel Truth

Looking to connect with your body and mind? Restorative Yoga is for you. This Session guides you through a meditation, a SATYA yoga practice of slow, methodical, rhythmic movement, and long-held restorative poses supported by props. We close with poetry and yoga philosophy. Expect to feel supported and relaxed, with a new level of awareness.

Our Guides:

The Release | Reiki

Be Still - Breathe - Restore

Looking to find stillness, rebalance, and relax? Reiki is for you. This Session guides you through gentle stretching and restorative poses while receiving Reiki Energy Healing to clear stuck and stagnant energy. We start with setting an intention, move into 3-4 gentle postures while receiving Reiki, and close with inspiration. Afterwards, expect to feel lighter and refreshed.

Our Guides:

The Release | Ecstatic Dance

Move - Create - Be Free

Looking to connect back to ease and creativity? Ecstatic Dance is for you. During this Session, you will connect to your body's natural movements and discover the everyday moves that hold you back and set you free. We start with setting an intention, move into dancing to a curated playlist, and close with a moment of reflection. Afterwards, expect to feel less tense.

Our Guides:

The Clarity | Tarot

Ground - Quiet - Connect

Looking to quiet your mind, connect back to self, and find grounding? Tarot is for you. This Session reconnects you to your intuition using the traditional modality of Tarot. We start with a guided meditation, move into a personalized group Tarot reading, and close with a journal reflection. Expect to connect to your own unique internal GPS system - your intuition.

Our Guides:

The Clarity | Values & Habits

Explore - Self-Reflect - Align

Looking to go deeper in what it means to live in alignment? This two-part Values & Habits Session is for you. In Values, part one of the series, discover and explore your personal values and what they authentically mean to you. In Habits, part two of the series, explore your habits - both external and internal - to live more fully into your whole self. Throughout this series, you will be introduced to exercises and writing prompts that will help you inquire within, reflect, and share in breakout rooms. Afterwards, expect to create habits that are in alignment with your values and feel more connected to self and community.

Our Guides:



Wear comfortable layers that you can easily move in.


Find a comfortable, open, and safe space to practice.

Arrive Early

Join 5 minutes early to allow yourself to transition.