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Strength Crystal Bundle


This bundle is the perfect pairing for tapping into your own personal power. As you go through your healing journey, these crystals can help you activate strength, positive energy, and courage to keep going with a calm, clear optimism. 

Honey Calcite is the high-energy, logistical crystal for you to get up, get going, and keep moving forward on projects that are important to you. 

Obsidian acts as a powerful anchor to ground and guide, deepening into your healing with the same energy as a soft, comforting night. 

Rainbow Moonstone invites optimism and hope, emitting the calming energy you need to align your chakras. 

Tiger’s Eye helps tap into your inner strength, protecting you on your healing journey as you tap into your own personal willpower. 

Tumbled Goldstone sparks your inner light, so you can call in positive energy, courage, and abundance. 

  • Place in a grid during meditation 
  • Use this bundle of crystals when journaling to connect to movement forward

  • Pair with Selenite for added clarity and amplification 


Each crystal is a natural, unique stone varying slightly in size, color, pattern shape and weight. Each crystal is hand-selected and sustainably sourced from miners who align with our core values. We mindfully create a relationship with each miner and trust that the crystal we hand-picked has also picked us. 

These crystals are wrapped in a muslin travel bag with a descriptive crystal card. 

Each stone is about 1.0” x 1.0” x 1.0”.