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Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz is a grounding crystal. It is a protector that clears the path ahead, removing negative thoughts, emotions, and people.

Brazil | Grounding | Root Chakra

  • Style on a corner of your desk next to a gold lamp or a simple pencil container
  • Carry in your pocket to a big job interview, on a first date, or when meeting the parents
  • Hold when feeling overwhelmed during times of transition or when traveling to a new place
Features & Specs

Smoky Quartz is dark brown to black in color. Each piece is a natural and unique stone varying slightly in size, color, pattern, shape and weight. Each Smoky Quartz is hand-selected and sustainably sourced from miners who align with our core values. We mindfully create a relationship with each miner and trust that the crystal we hand-picked has also picked us. 

All crystals come with a descriptive crystal card and are wrapped in a muslin travel bag.  Please note that we've recently changed our sizing.

Small is approximately 3"x 2"x 2"

Medium is approximately 4"x 3"x 2.5"

Large is approximately 5"x 4"x 3"

X-Large is approximately 6"x 5"x 4"

XX-Large is approximately 7"x 6”x 5"