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Selenite Crystal
Selenite Crystal
Selenite Crystal

Selenite Crystal


The BFF to every crystal, Selenite cleanses and brings clarity. It is excellent for meditation and for amplifying other crystals. We've paired it with our Palo Santo to bring even more good vibes.

Morocco | Clarity | Crown Chakra

  • Place in four main corners of a room or a house to create a safe and quiet space
  • Use when journaling to cut through the noise and find answers
  • Pair it with another crystal to amplify that crystal's purpose
Features & Specs

Selenite is excellent for meditation and is used to cleanse and amplify other crystals. Avoid contact with water, it will dissolve when wet. Pure white in color, each piece is a natural and unique stone varying slightly in size, color, pattern, shape and weight. Selenite is wrapped in a muslin travel bag with a descriptive crystal card.

Each stone is about 4" W x 0.5" D