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More Being, Less Doing Tote
More Being, Less Doing Tote

More Being, Less Doing Tote


Introducing our first capsule collection to help support you on your wellbeing journey. These items have been lovingly created to remind you of your intentions and values.

A thoughtfully-designed tote bag to use as an intentional reminder to lean more into being, and let the doing go. 

Two-sided for functional carrying, this tote says “More Being, Less Doing” on one side and displays the Before Noon logo & sub-mark on the other. 


Use this tote to carry your favorite healing support tools as you move about your day or anytime you’d like to remind yourself and others—we’re here to Be. 

Features & Specs 
  • 18” wide x 15” high x 7” gusset with 25” Spun Poly handles 
  • Will carry two gallons of milk and a roll of paper towels
  • Made with 15 oz medium weight cotton