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Tool Box - Focus
Tool Box - Focus
Tool Box - Focus
Tool Box - Focus
Tool Box - Focus
Tool Box - Focus

Tool Box - Focus


We took our favorite tools that cleanse, ground and unburden our minds and put them in a beautiful box (bonus:  it's also reusable!). Our smudge stick and hand-picked healing crystal, Public Supply's journal and Vitruvi's essential oil are included to empower you to create your own practice.

  • Use the smudge stick to cleanse any space
  • Place the crystal wherever your heart desires
  • Place a few drops of the essential oil in the palm of your hands and cup your nose
  • Jot down your thoughts and feelings - if you need a starting point, write down what you are grateful for
Features & Specs

Included in the box:

1 Small Smudge Stick
1 Small Blue Calcite Crystal
1 Public Supply Journal *Please note that we've updated our journal to an olive color. Reference photos for color.
1 Vitruvi Grapefruit Essential Oil

Products come packaged in a 11.25" W x 11.25" D reusable box. Our smudge stick is wrapped in a resuable ziplock bag and measures approximately 4" L. Our crystal is wrapped in a travel muslin bag and measures approximately 1.5" W x 1.5" D.