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Stilbite Crystal
Stilbite Crystal
Stilbite Crystal

Stilbite Crystal


Stilbite with Bowtie Fluorapophylite is a rare, highly creative stone that opens intuition and carries a loving and supportive vibration. Stilbite connects our hearts and minds and offers clarity and inner peace. The stone’s meaning comes from the Greek word “stillbein,” which means to shine. Stilbite sheds the layers to allow you to shine and be authentically you to make your dreams come true.

India | Universal love | Heart Chakra

  • Meditate with this stone to gain clarity when making important decisions
  • Place beside your bed to clear your thoughts, get better sleep, and strengthen dreams
  • Keep in your office or room where you are tasked with an overwhelming project
Features & Specs

The name stilbite is derived from the Greek word “stillbein” meaning to shine, because of the creamy pearly lustre of the crystal.  The pieces we chose are especially unique because of the green “bowtie florals” that sit on the stilbite. Hailing from only one mine in Jalgon, India, these crystals are limited edition pieces.  Each piece is a natural and unique stone varying slightly in size, color, pattern, shape and weight. Small and Medium Stilbite is wrapped in a muslin travel bag with a descriptive crystal card. Large Stilbite is wrapped in a muslin travel bag with a descriptive crystal card and in a reusable box.

Small is approximately 1.5" W x 1.5" D

Medium is approximately 2.5" W x 2" D

Large is approximately 3" W x 3" D