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Daily Pause

Ask Our Founders - The Season of Change

Ask Our Founders - The Season of Change

Hi Everyone,

It’s Ann coming at you this month.

As we flip the page on another month and another season, we thought that September was a good month to step back and reflect on transitions.  

For many, September signifies the transition into a new phase or the start of a new school year. In France, there's even a greeting acknowledging this transition, “Bonne rentrée à vous!” literally translated as "Good return to you!" Although it's typically used to wish students well, adults use it, too, to recognize the end of the summer holidays and a transition back to everyday life.

Help me kick off September by joining me this Saturday, September 12th at 10am PST for a Panel Series hosted by Slow Sustain Magazine. Before Noon is featured in the 2nd issue of Slow Sustain Magazine and I will be participating as a panel member talking about Entrepreneurship.

With that, Bonne rentrée à vous!

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12 Questions with Brooke Dabalos, Intuitive Healer

12 Questions with Brooke Dabalos, Intuitive Healer


The Lady of Lightning, Brooke Dabalos, was drawn to healing from an early age. She grew up doing free readings for friends and family. With the encouragement of mentors who helped her accept and hone her intuitive gifts, she launched her practice in 2014, offering readings, reiki, and sound healing. Brooke has since grown into an all-encompassing intuitive reader, healer, and teacher living in New York City. 

Brooke came onto our radar through a girlfriend of co-founder Natasha Wong Davis, who recommended Brooke's tarot card readings. If her name looks familiar, that's because she was part of our very first #betterfeels hour! 

We are honored to share Brooke's gifts and to celebrate her triumphs - on October, 8th, Brooke is releasing a book and album titled "Something in the Sky: True Stories and Tools for Transformation." Her second book, it is meant to be an easy and practical companion for times of transition, grief and awakening. Check out her website for more details.

Without further ado, here's 12 questions with Brooke:

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Rose Quartz: your reminder to love every part of you

Rose Quartz: your reminder to love every part of you

Rose Quartz Crystal




Heart Chakra


The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens and purifies the heart. It teaches both self-love and love of others, strengthening your capacity to truly give and receive love.

Rose Quartz speaks directly to the heart chakra. By opening and healing your heart chakra, Rose Quartz guides you to deepen relationships and embrace kindness, compassion, tenderness, and love. It is quite effective in attracting a new love.

The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest and includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts. It also rules the lymphatic system.

When in balance, you feel surrounded by love, compassion, and forgiveness. You accept yourself and others without judgement. When out of balance, you may feel jealousy, unworthy, and unable to trust yourself or others. 

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Danielle here - we're trying something new

Danielle here - we're trying something new

Hello Everyone,

Danielle from Before Noon here - 

Ann, Tash, and I thought we would try something new and kick-off a monthly message called "Ask Our Founders." The concept of Before Noon was born out of the desire to share the power of alternative healing. We each found solace and strength in alternative healing, and after sharing our stories of discontent, heartbreak, and anxiety, realized that our individual challenges were not unique. We started to rely on each other for guidance, connection, and support. 

Enter "Ask Our Founders":

"Ask Our Founders" is our place to vulnerably share what's happening in our lives, what themes we are tackling, and what self-care practices we are focusing on across mind, body, and spirit. We are grateful and honored to share our innermost thoughts in the hope that they will create more dialogue around your own personal growth and development.

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