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Ask Our Founders - AAPI Inspiration

Ask our Founders

AAPI Heritage Month is an opportunity to listen and learn about the diversity within the AAPI communities. We close out our celebration with inspiration from our co-founder, Ann.


There's no better way to get inspired by a culture than to understand the history and journey of the people within that culture.  Enter Mott Street Girls  and, two Chinatown organizations hosting a walking tour in New York's Chinatown called "Beyond the Storefronts".  This tour highlights the beginnings of the neighborhood and shares the history and families behind Chinatown’s immigrant-owned small businesses.


One of my favorite ways to unwind is with a beautiful cup of tea and curled up on the couch with a good read.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful teas available out there is The Qi - a wellness brand focused on the power of healing through flowers.  It is said that flowers contain the most Qi, the Chinese word for energy.  According to ancient Eastern philosophy, when a plant flowers, it is believed that it is at the peak of its life and flowers are the fruit of this highest level energy Qi. 


For a fun pick me up, check out the very clever book (and instagram account) called Chinatown Pretty that celebrates the amazing street style and wisdom of seniors living in 6 North American Chinatowns. The images and stories behind each of the seniors featured are incredibly endearing - reminding the reader to look at life and fashion with fresh eyes.

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